M-A-D ~ a few texts and visual essays that explore the changing ways of graphic design


An interview by Isabelle Moisy for étapes magazine 215. A perspective on the status of French graphic design.

A poster and short essay for the Alliance Graphique Internationale 2010 conference. It is a commentary on contemporary creative processes. In this instance I speculate that screen-based design is often conditioned bydigital toolsand their specific forms of language.

An interview by John Alderman originally for Rhizome discussing concerns and issues that arise at the intersection of the art and design disciplines.

An interview for Clone magazine discussing the current state of design and art in California

A visual/text essay on the shift of desktop tools and media toward mobile devices. For Etapes magazine - also available in french

The Exploding TV poster/chart/essay was commissioned by Avenue A | Razorfish for for the Information Architecture Summit 2006. It is an exploration of the growing dynamics between TV and digital media—specifically mobile media.

A chapter from Hand Book. It explores the world of interfaces that live on the surface of cities.
Published by Lars Muller.

An essay in french about using Google searches as a creative technique.

A collaborative essay on the impact of digital technologies on design processes. For Transmag.

A visual/text essay in french about visual communications that expresses the shift away from craft and toward digital media. For Etapes magazine.[PDF]



all essays by Erik Adigard/M-A-D, with others as indicated