M-A-D ~ StoryToday.tv ~ “transformative media for a mobile planet”
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An extensive brand, design and programming system was conceived for StoryToday.tv, a web channel that redefines TV in the age of mobile media.
It is a "net casting" platform that is intended to promote user interaction and community engagement.
The distribution relies on the pervasiveness of computers and mobile devices.
The programming is inspired by notions of life cycle and looping.
- - - - - - -
Clips are thought of as nutrient "bites", hence the iconography of pills. The brand system allows to expend programming in many ways.
- - - - - -
"Today" is the one moment that we are all shaping and living through.
It is the recurring moment that defines our future.
Today is ONE day that blurs into a decade and into a generation—the "mobile generation".
©2010, M-A-D ~ Erik Adigard + Patricia McShane