M-A-D ~ funnel.com, a web installation for Postmasters Gallery

Funnel.com was commissioned in 1995 for an exhibit curated by Ken Coupland, at Postmasters Gallery in NYC.

Funnel.com site was conceived as a virtual playground for artists, writers, and designers. The unifying symbol was the Funnel clock, counting down to the year 2000.

Funnel received top awards such as the $10,000 Dai Nippon Printing Achievement Award (Japan) and an AIGA GOLD. It was acquired by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Permanent Collection.

This clock project is one in a series of M-A-D's many clock installations. Others include AirXY, commissioned for the 2008 Venice Architecture Biennale, and COUNTERPOLIS, which is to be shown in 2016 on the exterior 77,000 square meter LED screen of the ICC, the second tallest building in Hong Kong.


Patricia McShane and Erik Adigard's M-A-D Funnel.com clock project
©2015, M-A-D ~ Erik Adigard + Patricia McShane