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The U.S. Pavilion exhibit, SpontaneousInterventions, (winner of a 13th Venice Architecture Biennale Jury Special Mention) is a record of 124 remakings of the city, each a deliberate commoning, a grassroots intervention to rapidly render physical some form of a collective desire for a better life.

» S.I. was curated by Cathy Lang Ho, with David van der Leer and Ned Cramer.

» The exhibit was designed by Freecell and M-A-D.

» In addition to creating the floor exhibit, M-A-D developed the brand identity, banner design, publication, website, and all communications.

» Spontaneous Interventions U.S. debut at the Chicago Cultural Center, May 24 to September 1, 2013.

S.I. is M-A-D's second installation at the Venice Biennale. See AirXY

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