M-A-D ~ Dorito Project ~ installation for the St Etienne Design Biennale  1  2  3 

We stuff ourselves to satisfy two basic urges:

1- Our insatiable appetite. If we could we would even devour ourselves.
2- Our insatiable need for protection. We immerse ourselves in fat as if it were an armor against our deepest and most invisible fear—fear of starvation.

LifeVest focuses on our interdependency with consumption—what feeds and what enslaves. By intertwining notions of merchandising, nutrition, addiction, obesity and survival, we are suggesting that if we wear what we crave, we can enjoy on-going gratification without ingesting it.

The power of the packaged goods is here transferred to the packaged consumer. It shields us against marketing assaults by allowing us to float above.

By being a readily accessible food supply, LifeVest is also a guarantee against times of food shortage.

Principle notions:
Comfort, appetite, lust, immediacy, mobility, addiction, loneliness, isolation and insulation.

(special thx to Angie Tadeo)