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~ more than 2 billion people from all around the world are cell phone users

~ about 75% of teenagers in the United States alone have a cell phone

~ more than 50% of teenagers prioritize their cell phones over TV viewing

~ average monthly cell phone bill is just under $50

~ American teenage cell phone users spend more than $150 billion a year

~ by 2006, 50M Americans will use their cell phone to authorize payment for goods

~ 51% of mobile subscribers in FR, DE, UK & US own a camera phone

~ cell phones can survive under water for ($500)

~ cell phones can be used as guns (for $800)

~ a high-pitched ring tone can be heard by teenagers but not by most adults

~ The average user replaces his or her cell phone every 18 months

~ as many as 118,000 cell phone calls are made to emergency numbers every day

~ at any given time, it's estimated that 10% of drivers are talking on a cell phone

~ cell phones are blamed for 20-30% of automobile accidents

~ using a cell phone during a lightning storm can be lethal

~ a dog was trained to bite down on the #9 key, to call 911and save her owner's life